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Terra Insieme

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Fausto Filippini

Fausto Filippini has gone suddenly on January 22, 2013.

We had met a few days before, in order to start with the activities of Terra Insieme.

What we are trying to do here, it is also for him.

Fausto was born in Urago d'Oglio February 3, 1947.

CGIL delegate as worker at Zucchi of Urago, then trade unionist in the textile sector and general secretary of the category in Brescia in the early nineties.

When retired, he was the secretary of Federconsumatori until May 2011. With the establishment of  Coop Vicinato Lombardia, he was elected president of the local Chamber members.

Terra Insieme comes from the meeting of Fausto and the group that for a year and a half had carried out the project Bambini Oggi Mompiano (Children Today) , beginning to work with the schools Urago on the themes of food and money.

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